Puppy tries to eat literally everything outside

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Hello again, and thank you all so much for your help so far! My corgi pup is officially allowed out in the grass for potty time according to the vet, and we've been very careful to avoid any high traffic areas to the best of our ability. But we're struggling with him trying to eat literally everything. He's fairly good at drop it, and we can usually trade the leaf/rock/stick for a piece of kibble, but the issue is that he will drop it, get his reward, and then immediately pick up either the same thing or a different object. So we play this song and dance for the entire time we're outside and he rarely ever focuses on using the bathroom. Is there anything we can do to minimize this so he can actually use the bathroom? He usually will pee pretty quickly, but once he starts the eating stuff game, he won't poop and I eventually trade with him so many times I've run out of treats and we have to go back inside.

He also sometimes seems afraid of everything outside. He'll go out there with lots of praise, but sometimes we'll step outside and he'll whine and want to go back in immediately. Not even treats can get him to stay out there without looking very uncomfortable and anxious. He hasn't encountered anything out of the ordinary that we can tell- no big dogs barking at him, not a lot of people (and the ones who were outside were very friendly and he was very excited to say hi), but we have had to fish a couple of things from his mouth that he wouldn't drop. We're not sure if this has caused him to be afraid that he'll be in trouble if we go outside? It hasn't happened often, and we try not to get frustrated, but we're afraid he might be picking up on our frustration when he's tried to eat a rock for the 15th time in 15 seconds. It's especially difficult because we can't control the environment as much since we live in an apartment (if we lived in a house, it would be easier to go outside and make sure leaves were raked, rocks were picked up, grass was mowed, etc.).

Basically, what are we doing wrong or what can we do going forward to create a positive association with being outside but also prevent him from eating dangerous items? We don't know how to make this a productive, positive experience for him while also keeping him safe. Drop it works 90% of the time, but what do we do for the other 10%, and how do we slow down the continuous attempts to eat things (aka how do we stop saying "drop it" the entire time we're outside)? Any help or advice would be very appreciated!

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