Puppy treats being picked up as a game?

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Puppy doesn't hate being picked up, but he treats it as a fun game where I walk-chase him and he gets to run under the table and I drag him out and he runs again, etc.

Except sometimes picking him up and putting him into a room to nap is the only way to get him to nap without a treat when he's excited – he then immediately drops dead for his nap but loves running away from me picking him up before that.

I know its a little quirk, its like how my old dog loves to 'run' from baths when he knows its coming and we do this whole routine of going through the motions before he goes into the bath with a smile on his face, but maybe this running thing with my pup is something I want to cut out because I might have to do it in public or before he runs into traffic, etc.

It's tiny I know but any ideas?

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