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Hello all. I really just need to vent for a second. My 16 week old Australian Shepherd started her positive reinforcement training class last week, and so far it's going pretty great as far as training goes! I found a high enough value treat that she'll pay attention to me over the other dogs and people.

But the other students in this class… They're all old women (I'm a female college student so I'm sure that doesn't help). Old, patronizing, bitchy women. ANYTHING I do with my puppy is apparently TERRIBLE, when they're the ones yanking and screaming at their dog CONSTANTLY. It's hard to focus sometimes when they feel as if they should be telling me exactly how to do everything, while not paying attention to their own puppy who is literally bouncing off of walls.

We had "discussion time" and talked about how we curb our puppies biting. I said I use antlers and beef sticks and there were literally audible gasps coming from the other students (the instructor didn't care, only the students). They all brought up reasons why that is the WORST thing you can give to your dog. Definitely the last time I participate in discussion time. I also got shunned for letting my puppy play with my roommates dog. No idea why.

Oh well. I hope you are all handling your stranger shaming alright.

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