Puppy Toy Destruction

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We have a 6month old Australian Shepard. She lost the last of her baby teeth about 3 weeks ago and she was fixed about 2 weeks ago. She has been great with not chewing or biting furniture. She has always played with her toys. We even put up our Christmas tree and she has not tried to bite/play with it or all the ornaments. But these last few days she has suddenly become very destructive with her toys. Over the weekend she broke 5 of her toys. Last night we gave her a new toy, and within 15 minutes she had chewed through part of its rope. We have given her a variety of toys to play with (stuffed, rubber, teething, ropes, bones, pig ears) and she has gone through all of them. When I look at the big picture I’m thankful that she’s only doing this to her toys, because it’s a lot easier to replace toys than a sofa. Any ideas on what is causing her to go crazy on her toys? Or any ideas on how to stop this behavior.

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