Puppy Teething Hell

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My husband and I adopted a hound/border collie/lab/mystery mix two months ago. We were told he was 10 weeks at the time, but then our vet looked at his teeth and thought he might be older. We also have a 7.5 year old 84 lb female lab mix who has a wonderful temperament and is a great "nanny dog". We think he's approaching 5 months, and he's just shy of 30 lbs.

We tried to strictly crate train him at first (as I did for our older dog) but he made so much noise at night, leading to a noise complaint from neighbors (we live in NYC in a large building, right above our super…). It also proved difficult to crate train him while allowing our other dog to roam free. So that was our first hurtle. It seemed like we had gotten through that period, and he had started to really get used to potty training and was better with separation anxiety. Then, I began to notice that he was being a dick to me, and not to my husband. He would sit on the floor, stare me dead in the eyes, and bark until relentlessly. I would wait until he stopped, give him a command (e.g. sit, down), then reward that behavior. We started to think it might be a gender thing, since he would never do it to my husband or my brother who lives with us. After a lot of stress, it, too, started to get better.

THEN TEETHING HELL BEGAN. He is clearly in so much pain. We've gotten him tons of high reward chews, made frozen kongs, given him ice cubes, even gum massage. Tonight he hasn't been able to fall asleep. He keeps whining, barking, and moving around. As I'm typing this, he went from quietly eating an ice cube to running to my husband (who is asleep in bed) and barking at him. Nothing is working. I never had these sort of issues with our older dog — I didn't even realize she was teething until I found one of her canines in her dog bed.

Anyway, I am growing increasingly more desperate. We can't let him "cry it out" due to our living situation. He's also barely through the teething process – he's only lost his front four teeth on the top and bottom. Even our adult dog is fed up with him, and is trying to avoid him so that she can sleep, too. This is breaking us — my husband broke into tears last night, and I'm not far off.

Is there some medication we can give him to alleviate pain or help him sleep? Baby oragel? Benadryl? CBD? He is not that into frozen treats, and he's already bored of bully sticks.

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