Puppy suddenly whining after being put in crate

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I currently have a 13 week old lab. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. From the beginning, we have had ZERO problems with crate training. He would go right down for naps and sleep through the night in his crate with no issue. He would only whine when he needed to go potty or when waking up from his naps/sleep. I couldn’t believe how lucky we got.

Unfortunately over the last week he seems to not be enjoying his crate anymore. When we put him down for naps or for bedtime at night he whines and whines for up to an hour, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. We do check to see if he needs to potty. We will pick him up and carry him outside, and if he doesn’t pee he goes right back to the crate. He has a crate cover, a kong toy, and a snuggle puppy with the heartbeat in his crate with him. I’m not sure how to fix this whining. We’ve been ignoring it for a solid week now and it’s not getting any better. He does eventually fall asleep after whining for long periods of time like this but it’s getting hard to ignore.

Am I maybe making him sleep too much? I’ve been following the general rule for every hour awake, two hours asleep. Usually if he’s been awake for more than an hour he starts getting zoomies and very bitey. He sleeps for around 18 hours a day which I thought was the norm for his age. Other than that he gets plenty of play time, three 10 minute walks a day, and training time as well.

I have no idea what to do at this point. Any advice would be super appreciated.

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