Puppy suddenly started holding pee

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My 6 month old pug puppy has had a cold virus this last week, he's woke up feeling perkier today but yesterday and Wednesday he literally slept constantly. The vet checked him over Tuesday night and she confirmed it's a cold as he had all the typical signs: lethargy, runny nose and eyes etc. He had no fever.

I'm not sure if this is related or not, but since he's been poorly he's suddenly stopped peeing on command and he's been holding his pee for long periods of time unnecessarily. For example on Wednesday he had a pee first thing in the morning (6:45am) and then didn't have another after we took him to the vets at 6:30pm that night. He then wouldn't go again before bed that night. He wouldn't go the following morning either, and finally went at about 2pm in my mum's garden when she took him to her house.

Although he seems to be feeling a bit better today, he went to the toilet this morning at 7:30am but hasn't been again since (it's 3:30pm here now). We've been trying to get him to go by saying his command etc. but he just sits there.

He's been eating and drinking fine.

There's a couple of things I think it could be…

He's trying to save his bladder for his walks, which he hasn't been having since he's been poorly because he refused to go. But he always used to pee in the garden as well as on walks before he was poorly so I'm not sure if it's that. I thought maybe he's finally housebroken, and he can't be bothered to go outside to pee because he's feeling poorly and it's cold out? It's not totally unfeasible because recently his accidents have been getting fewer and fewer. He's not peed inside for about 3 weeks and he's only been poorly for the past few days.

Can anyone else shed any light on this? I'm just concerned the amount of time he's holding his pee is too much for a 6 month old small breed dog and I don't want him to do any damage.

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