Puppy suddenly picking fights with other dogs

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My male australian cattle dog puppy turned 6 months two days ago and for the past couple of weeks I’ve began to notice his behaviour change. Adolescence has mostly come in the shape of terrible leash manners and selectively ignoring commands. However, what worries me the most is how aggressive he’s become towards other dogs.

I think everything started about a month ago when my pup was ordered bed rest and antibiotics by the vet because of a bad case kennel cough. He stayed home for 10 days or so, only leaving the apartment to go potty. Some of his bad behaviour started during this time, but I figured it was due to the decreased exercise so I upped my game with increased mental stimulation, training, and games.

Anyways, once he was given the okay to leave the apartment and play with other dogs at the park we were both very excited. (His bad behaviour would continue for the next couple of weeks so I figured it was here to stay throughout his teenage days).

When we got to the park everything was fine and dandy. For about 10 minutes. Then my puppy started picking fights from left to right. He jumped dogs that used to be friends of his, chasing them, nipping at them viciously, growling, trying to claim dominance. I hurried to pull him apart from the first dog he attacked while the other owner did the same with his. I was barely able to get a hold of my pup because he kept going after the other dog. The other dog and his owner left the park immediately and my puppy was calm for about a minute. Then he proceeded to pick another fight. And another.

After 3 fights in under 20 minutes, we left the park completely embarrassed. The next time I took him to the dog park, the same thing happened, 3 fights in a span of 15 minutes. Yesterday, while playing fetch at another park, another puppy walked by and he jumped at him as well.

Before his cough and bed rest he was great with other dogs. Chasing and roughhousing but all normal puppy play. And with people he is such a good boy. No trouble at all.

I’ve become really worried because I know aggression can turn very bad very quickly. Is this behaviour part of his adolescent moodiness? Is it his macho hormones trying to claim alpha in the neighbourhood? Will neutering him solve this issue?

TL;DR: Used to be good puppy (6mo) now picking multiple fights with other dogs at the park. No regard for breed, age, or size. I’m worried this will become a serious problem. Help please :’(

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