Puppy stressed from move

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Hi there,

My SO and I moved into our first home this weekend with our 1 year old Italian Greyhound. Moving day was really stressful for her because she needed to be crated and she's very curious! I guess we expected she wouldn't be too affected because we're all together, but she seems very stressed. We've restricted her access to to the main floor to limit accidents as we're also transitioning her from pee-pads to outside (I assume this is also a stressor).

She wasn't eating or drinking very much the first 2 days… We started mixing a bit of peanut butter with her kibble and she loves that. But she really freaks out if she's left alone in the living room (even if we're still in the house).

I feel terrible that she seems stressed and wish I could help her feel better! Any advice?

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