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Hi, our 13.5 week old Lab puppy, Ace is doing really well in almost all aspects: hes happy in his crate, potty training seems to be progressing and he's generally calm and sociable. However, I'm scared that his socialising experiences haven't been entirely positive. We have friends who have dogs, a lab, a golden retriever and a GSP. He was first introduced to the GSP who was apparently very excited and barked loudly a lot, I say apparently because he's my parent's dog and I'm at uni. I think after this encounter he was quite nervous but had one positive meet with another lab on a walk who was apparently very nice with Ace. However after introducing him to the golden and the other lab who belong to family friends, he had similar experiences to the first one where they were extremely excited and were trying to play with Ace by dropping tennis balls in front of him etc. but he was hesitant and went between my dad's legs.

He's enrolled in puppy training classes where he is very good with all the puppies there and enjoys playing with them, however I don't want him to be scared of big dogs his whole life as I am aware that the socialisation period is closing soon. What can be done from now to ensure he is a well adjusted adult dog in the future?

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