Puppy snapped at me on the sofa

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We have a 15 week old Yorkshie x Maltese cross and so far he’s been good but at times a handful. Firstly I want to put out there that I do not believe a dog should be on the sofa UNLESS you invite them up. I only get to see him at weekends as I work full time in the city, so he’s kept at home with my mum and sister who is 14. They’ve been letting him up on the sofa on his own terms this entire time even though I said it was a bad idea. Last night he snapped at me when I tried to remove him, as if to say “you can’t tell me what to do” and I flipped out at my mum with frustration. I told them that we’re going into the teen phase soon and until he knows his place he will boss everyone around. He’s also been bullying my cat so much recently that the cat doesn’t come back most days…

I decided to post here and not on those Facebook groups which are filled with women who will more than likely just say “ohh but he’s your baby he needs to be with his momma on the sofa” No. just no. I love our dog to bits but he is 100% not going to be a spoilt bossy small dog.

Anyways, any advice on how to stop this? I’m trying to teach him the off command, but in the mean time, how do I respond to the snapping and aggression? He is crate trained so we try to use that as time out but it becomes a chasing ordeal

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