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Hi everyone (posted this on r/puppies, realize this is a better place)

I’m a first time puppy owner, so I’m not sure what to expect with fuzzy ones, but I’m wondering if y’all can give some advice or possible knowledge.

We’ve had our pup for about 7 weeks, and she’s just nearing the 13 week mark. Aside from the first few nights when she was puking from anesthesia, she’s been crated overnight while we sleep. She had some diarrhea issues the first few weeks (giardia, which we knew about and medicated when we got her), so we were getting up every 1.5 to 2 hours each night to take her out. After the giardia cleared, we got her on a probiotic, and since then she’s had solid stools and been sleeping for closer to 6 hours before crying to be let out/eat.

The last few nights she’s been quiet in her crate for nearly 8 hours (9 to 5), which is great for our sleep, but she’s also been barking much more after being put in her crate, which was never really an issue, and she’s been hesitant to go in her crate, even with a food/treat motivation (note:We feed her breakfast and dinner in her crate, and she goes in quickly for those). After about ten minutes of barking, she’s quiet.

She has a bed that takes up most of the floor space in her crate, and it’s just a flat, cushioned bed with a small wall border. We got this for her last week; before she had a much smaller bed that took up half the crate, and the front of the crate was just the floor of the crate.

So my main question is: is my puppy peeing in her crate overnight, not crying to be let out, and I just can’t tell because it dries/gets absorbed by her new bed? She’s not fully house trained (she’ll occasionally pee on the rug next to the door). I’m someone who usually trusts their nose in these cases, and having owned/raised cats over the years, I’m pretty dialed in to a stinky cat pee odor, but is that the same with dogs?

Any help would be appreciated. It could all be my imagination, and my wife tells me I’m a bit of a helicopter dog dad at times, but I want to make sure I’m not making a mistake on accident.

TL;DR: my dog is quiet up to 8 hrs. per night, and I worry she’s peeing on her bed without me knowing and it’s drying up over night.

Thanks in advance!

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