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Hi everyone,

We brought home Una who is a chocolate lab/collie cross a bit over 2 weeks ago. She is now 3 months old and is a really lovely and intelligent pup. She responds well to her name and basic commands, sleeps through the night in her crate, is nearly fully potty trained and is very sociable.

One problem that I've been having though is taking her for walks on the leash. I know leash training is an ongoing process that will take time but I didn't expect it to be such a challenge. Given that she is a cross of two very active breeds, I expected she would pull a lot on her leash and have to be trained to walk by my side. What I didn't expect, is that she would actual stop and sit every block and refuse to move.

I've tried a few different methods- bribing her to walk with treats in front of her nose (it works a bit but she just sits after she gets the treat usually), waiting for her to stop sitting and start initiating the walk herself and then verbally praising her for it (also only works for a bit), lightly tugging on the leash to encourage her etc. Not sure what the actual problem is, these are short walks we've been doing and she's getting plenty of rest and is otherwise active so I know it's not because she's too tired.

Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on things to work on?

Puppy tax: https://imgur.com/TEjkD9T

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