Puppy shows no interest in walking…

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I just got my first puppy nearly two weeks ago, and mostly it's going great so far. Little by little he's getting better at alerting me to when he needs a potty break, he sleeps obediently in his crate (with the door open for now), he got the hang of sit, and has a good game of tug! He's a smart boy! However, surprise surprise, he's got a massive amount of energy!

Some of the best days we've had he was able to get his energy out by going on a mile-ish walk around our neighborhood with my roommate's well-trained adult dog, which is great because when I try to take him for a walk on my own he completely gets distracted, shuts down, and refuses to go more than a block, but with the other dog's guidance (and some treat encouragement) the walks went great! We joined them on their walk consistently for a few days in a row, and then a couple days ago he just suddenly completely lost interest. :S

I have no idea how to fix this, or why this would have happened… Most of what I've read about teaching dogs to go on walks has been concerned with dogs overeager to walk/pulling ahead, etc. My little guy just obstinately plops down and refuses to move, sometimes even tugging back back toward the house. Is he too young to be going on walks? Did I push him too much too early? 🙁 Would it be more effective to walk him in an environment that isn't our neighborhood so he doesn't feel compelled to tug his way back home? He needs his exercise and he hasn't gotten a hang of fetch yet so I'm not super sure what to do… Any advice or insight would be deeply appreciated. 🙁

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