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my new puppy comes home at the end of may..until then ( when it sounds like I'll be too busy) I've been enjoying all your posts! thank you! for those of you in the prep. phase, I wanted to pass on some info. I called around for prices on immunizations, and opinions on pet insurance. I was suprised to find that prices at the 3 vet clinics I called varied by over $300. The most expensive cost was a clinic that charged a flat fee of $97 for an initial puppy visit. It included heart worm testing, deworming and the initial diptheria shot. they divide the immunizations into 4 shots and charge a visit charge & the immunization for another 3 visits. with rabies @ 16 wks the total cost is over $350.
The least expensive clinic charges only a immunization fee of $38 for each shot – no vet visit. 2 distemper & rabies for < $110. none of the 3 clinics recommended pet insurance. they said they had brochures for different policies, but we're not involved in the billing or aware of coverage. I was suprised at that, I expected them each to say pet insurance was a good idea. so, good luck to all of you planning or enjoying puppies! I hope this helps someone else by encouraging some phone calls before the big homecoming. I'm not saying that the fee should be the only consideration, all the clinics I called had excellent reputations for their pet care..that is my first priority!

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