Puppy separation anxiety. What do I do?

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So Nora is just over 10 weeks old. She's an aussie/golden mix. Very smart, but also very clingy. I work from home and have been with her nearly 24 hours a day for the last week, which is starting to become a big problem. When my husband comes home, he takes over puppy duty while I shower, cook dinner, etc. But she cries every time I leave the room, even when he's here… which is kind of hurting my husband's feelings. He needs to bond with her too, which hasn't really happened yet. She gets excited to see him come home but doesn't follow him around like she does me and doesn't listen to his commands as well.

I know it's hard for her to be alone, especially this young, but she has to learn because I need time to myself too. I left her in her crate for a little over an hour a couple days ago to go grocery shopping, and she seemed fine when I got back, but this morning I tried leaving her in the crate with a bully stick so I could take a shower and make coffee… and she freaked out. She was calm for about 2 minutes chewing on her stick until she realized she was alone, then cried and cried and cried 🙁 Even after I let her out (I didn't come back in the room until she was quiet), she spent almost half an hour just crying/whining/trying to get into stuff nonstop and I couldn't even distract her with treats. It was honestly like she was having a panic attack or something. I get the feeling she freaked out the whole time I was gone grocery shopping too, but had just calmed down a bit when I got home.

So… what do I do? I need her to not be so velcro with me so that she bonds with my husband too, and I need time to do the basic self care things that have been lacking since we got the puppy. She has to learn to be alone.

What do people who work away from home do? Just tough it out? Will she just "get it" eventually or am I moving too fast?

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