Puppy separation anxiety & house training…am I doing things wrong or will it get better?

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This may be a long post so please bear with me…

We've had a Boston Terrier puppy for 1 week now, and he's almost 10 weeks old. He is the most adorable little man, very affectionate, loves cuddling on the sofa, doesn't get too aggressive when playing (though we are working on biting) and just seems like a healthy, happy young puppy…until he's left by himself.

He's not allowed upstairs and his space is in the kitchen, where he has his crate. This is where he stays if he's by himself, and at night time he gets closed in his crate. Throughout the day (unless he is mid-nap) he freaks out big time if left by himself in the kitchen, even just for a few seconds. We're working on house training, I'm always taking him outside to do his business every hour or so. He hasn't got the hang of it yet but that's to be expected. But when he's left alone for a little bit and starts to freak out, his first reaction is to poo. Even if he went in the garden not too long ago he'll still turd on the floor.

This isn't really an issue if he does it in the day because I can just get it cleaned up, the issue is when he does it in his crate at night. I set my alarm to take him out every 2 hours through the night, and he still poos in his bed. I thought him being crate trained would help the house training process, but I think it's just having a detrimental effect because I don't want pooing in his bed to become part of his daily schedule.

I don't really know what to do about this. I've tried everything I can think of to keep him calm by himself – he has so much stuff to occupy him, when he's awake we do lots of playing/training (too young for walks). Anything I do leave for him he doesn't even acknowledge because he's just too stressed out to care.

I'm tired and generally starting to feel quite down about the whole situation. Is there something I should be doing that I'm not? Anything I should do differently? I also just want some reassurance – will he always freak out, bark the house down and poo in his bed at night or will it get easier with time? Surely he'll get used to it after a couple of weeks and it will just become part of his daily schedule. At the moment though it's starting to feel like a big issue and something which he'll do indefinitely. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks

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