[puppy schedules] looking for a sample puppy schedule that can be easily converted into a regular schedule when quarantine is over!

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Hi, I have a 10 week corgi puppy who we got during this quarantine. We've had her just over a week and I feel like we've been sort of lax on a schedule aside from eating and bed time. Her naps are kind of whenever, but I have had to put her in her crate for forced naps a couple times when she's gone off the rails.

I'd like to start her on a schedule that can easily be turned into an every day schedule when we go back to work. I don't want her to end up with separation anxiety because she's so used to us being here all the time.

I'm just at a loss on where to start. We typically wake up about 7:30-7:45 am and feed her around 8:00-8:15 am. Lunch is usually around 12 or 1 pm (we shoot for 12 but if she's napping we push it back) and dinner around 5-6 (same thing with the napping). We put her to sleep around 9-10 pm depending on how sleepy she seems. She has no issues going to bed at night. Sometimes she'll cry for a few minutes, but she is usually asleep quickly and stays asleep all night. Napping is all over the place and if she doesn't nap in several hours she's an absolute nightmare (biting, chewing anything she can, nipping at clothes, extreme zoomies…)

She doesn't willingly go into her crate for naps, even though we've tried to make it seem like a super desirable place to be with toys, treats, pets, etc. She typically sleeps under the couch or under the table. Sometimes I'll pick her up and place her in her crate when she's already asleep. When I have forced naps, she cries for anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Is this typical? I ignore her but I always feel so bad. I try to never give in to the crying.

Sorry this was probably too much information. I'm looking for a SAMPLE puppy schedule that can be easily converted into a regular schedule when we go back to work. I'm at a total loss on where to begin.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

(If this has been asked before, feel free to forward me to the thread! I did a brief search but didn't see anything.)

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