Puppy schedule – 14 weeks

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Hey guys! I have a 14 week English Staffordshire who had a puppy schedule made when he was 8-9 weeks, but I am looking to make a new one as I want to teach him to be home alone for parts of the day, as well as go from four to three meals, and of course pee a little less often.

What should I consider when making the schedule? Ideally I would like to teach him to be home alone during the day when I work (I work from home now, and he is definitely becoming a velcro dog).

He is not completely potty trained yet, he can hold it for a while (3 ish hours at most in the day) but only when crated. He does sleep through the night, though. Also, he is not particularly scared of being alone, he just has never been for more than three hours.

Any advice appreciated!

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