Puppy scared and aggressive towards babies

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This breaks my heart but my puppy who is an 8 months rescue who is so sweet with everyone is scared of babies And is aggressive towards them. Ive had her for a little over a month and she was fostered well, socialized well with other dogs, no behavior issues from her foster parents, gets along with men, women, other dogs, even cats she will quietly sniff and wag tail, but with babies and toddlers she growls and then barks especially when they squeal or move nearby. Her ears go back and i just pull her away and the parents of the baby are understanding but also appear scared and its just a disappointing situation especially since my husband and I may have kids someday soon. When she behaves this way with the baby i dont quite know what to do since yelling or holding hand over nose is wrong, soothing apparently encourages more barking. When the baby is quiet she lets the babies hands on her nose but then the baby gets happy and squeals and she barks in a stressed way and even seems to do the lip raising snarl. Obviously we cant have a baby not squeal or train her with a noisefree baby. Any help is much appreciated!

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