Puppy Reunites With Firefighters Who Drew Her From Burning House

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A resilient puppy had a joyous reunion the coming week with firefighters who saved her from a burning house in October.

Hex is happy to be reunited with the burn gang that saved her from a live fervour, wrote North Carolinas Asheville Fire Department, which posted a video of the celebration on Wednesday. After extended management she seems is not simply healthy but glad !!

Firefighters Mike Stageman, Joshua Adell, Bentley Andres and Zac Bass rescued the pup, WLOS reports . The little hound, merely to two months old-fashioned at the time, had severe flames and fume inhalation, veterinarian Betsy Thompson of the Animal Hospital of North Asheville told The Huffington Post.

Asheville Fire Dept
The rescue.

Hex first received therapy at the Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospitalbefore being transferred to AHNA, where she has been under charge since Oct. 31.

Hexs human category survived the blaze with minor injuries, but were unable to continue caring for their pet, according to the animal hospital.

Animal Hospital of North Asheville
Hex, while experiencing therapy at the Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

But fortunately for Hex, she has a great new residence to look forward to.

Now that she has recovered, Asheville Humane Society is borrowing her out to a wonderful clas she is familiar with and love, Thompson said.

Asheville Fire Dept
Hex the coming week, during her reunion defendant.

Thompson called Hex a truly wonderful puppy and added that the entire community pulled together to help her after the burn. The animal infirmaries evidence highlightings Hexs sweet spirit and her strong will to survive 😛 TAGEND

Anyone who has congregated her has understood her zest for life. The staff at REACH still talking here how even in the worst of it, she would try to wag her fanny and give smacks. The staff at Animal Hospital of North Asheville hoarded their months of smacks and snuggling with this sweet girl. Even when she had to be sedated to change her bandages she ever woke up with a waggling tail and a puppy kiss.

Heres to Hex, and everyone who has helped her!

Asheville Fire Department
What’s a party without cake?

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