Puppy poops in the house after being outside

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Hey everyone, we just got our Newfoundland/Lab(probably) mix this past Tuesday. He's been picking up commands pretty quickly for the most part, but consistently has an issue with pooping in the house. He's gotten pretty good about peeing outside or at least on the mat if we can't get out soon enough. It's happened more than a couple times that one of us will take him out multiple times through the day or night, staying out for several minutes and even giving him a few minutes after he pees, but then we come in and unleash him, he runs around for a minute then does the squat. This morning was after his first night mostly in the crate and had no issue with going outside for pee. I took him back out shortly after when he went over and started sniffing a place he's pooped before, but he just sat there. Not two minutes after coming back in he ran over to where I had thrown his ball earlier and went. I tried to distract him and get him outside but I guess he just squeezed faster, then came over. Long story short, I'm not sure how to rectify this. The only two times he's pooped outside was after running him outside before he could finish inside.

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