Puppy Poop- Oh My!

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be talking, thinking, and worrying about and inspecting a dog’s poop as much as I am now #pooplife. Now that I’ve had my 5 month old pup for two months, I know how important knowing their poop and knowing it well is for their health. A couple weeks ago, my puppy had a bout of diarrhea. I took her straight to the vet. He saw no sign of parvo (she’s fully vaccinated) or other serious illness but he gave her an antibiotic to take for 7 days just in case. While on that, she had nice, solid poops. I like to call them the Tootsie Roll links. She was still having nice poops up until a couple days ago. She’s not having diarrhea but her poop is softer than I like (wow, listen to me 🙄). I feel like maybe this could be due to stress as there have been no diet changes. In the last couple weeks she started going to puppy daycare a few times a week. I think she really likes it but it’s still new and different. She just went to her grandma and grandpa’s house all day for the first time today, and I also wonder if she’s feeling my stress too- I’m a teacher doing distance teaching from home. Either way, I want the nice Tootsie Roll turds back. How do I get those back? Millie

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