Puppy Pilates Is the Workout Motivation You’ve Always Required

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Exercise is not high on our directory of favorite things, descending somewhere near doing the bowls and vacuum-clean. But puppies? Puppies are always, ever a favourite. And ever since a sneaky Pilates studio in Asheville, North Carolina decided to combine puppies with usage, we may have actually recognise a exercising veer we wouldn’t psyche coming to our townships. Via: Woman’s World


For exactly $10 a seminar, swine sweethearts can now take the class of their dreams at Cisco Pilates, which partnered with the Asheville Humane Society to give two puppy-filled Pilates classes.

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The best part? Proceeds from the class benefited the Asheville Humane Society, and the puppies’ approvals costs were even waived on class period so that players could take home a brand-new furry pal right after class!

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Both Cisco Pilates and the Humane Society put under a comical ad for the class that spoke, “Pilates with Puppies will be a basic Pilates class, with puppies provided by Asheville Humane Society. Please bring your own yoga or Pilates mat and a small towel. Please do not bring your own puppy! The rate is $10, which is a donation to Asheville Humane Society on behalf of Buncombe County animals.”


In addition to puppies, Asheville’s Humane Society also has felines, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, mice, and guinea pigs for adoption.

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Unlike most shelters, Ashville’s adoption center houses their soon-to-be-pets in state-of-the-art “condos” filled with comfy blankets, bottoms, and toys.


These cute puppies gaze tired out! Must have been all that core work…

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Unsurprisingly, Cisco’s two fundraising puppy Pilates categories were immediately sold out. But who knows? Maybe this new Pilates trend will take off and spread throughout the country.

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We have just been a few questions: Where can we sign up?

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