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New puppy owner here! I got a Jack Russell x Shitzu mix at 8 weeks and he’s now 11 weeks 🙂 he’s doing really well but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for dogs with pica? I’m not 100% sure my puppy does, but he loves to eat grass, bark, sticks, dirt, leaves, plants, etc. one time I caught a rock in his mouth. Thankfully I caught it just in time. We are currently training the holy grail of “take it leave it and drop it” and I plan to continue training but even if I show a treat while he’s outside and eating something he won’t budge! I have to physically open his mouth to take the item out. I did some research and some people are OK with their dogs eating minimal things — so am I being overprotective?? Or are there any other tips out there? I am hoping he will grow out of it, I know he’s a puppy but I don’t want this to become habit! I live in a single home and we have a fenced back yard I want to trust him and let him run around but at this point I have to keep him leashed or he’ll eat anything! Any advice will be much appreciated. (I plan to most this on r/dogtraining community as well)

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