Puppy personality changes post surgery

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My 6 1/2 month old Labrador had surgery last Wednesday to correct OCD in her shoulder. Since getting home her personality seems to have changed a lot, even after she is no longer on any medication.

For instance, she used to love having her leash put on and going outside to go to the bathroom and for a walk. Now she runs to her crate when she sees the leash come out. I don’t know if she is associating the leash with a traumatic experience (surgery). She was also having pain urinating due to the catheter she had put on for surgery (this seems to have gone away). I’m having to pick her up to take her to the yard now. She won’t go past the front door to the sidewalk and just wants to run back inside.

It’s only been a week so she can’t really go on walks yet anyway but am I expecting too much from her and could her shoulder healing still be causing this? When she is inside she is sleeping a lot more than usual but is still pretty playful. We are supposed to start taking her on walks to rehabilitate her shoulder starting next week.

Anything I can do to help her regain her confidence?

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