Puppy pees in crate multiple times a night. Help!

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We’ve had a golden doodle puppy for 10 days. She’s 11 weeks old.

Day 1 no potty issues – slept 7 hours through the night.

Day 2 no potty issues – slept 6.5 hours through the night.

Day 3-10 pees nightly night if not taken out at minimum every 1.5 hours


42” kennel with a divider approx 1/4-1/3 in so she is on the smaller side. We feed her in her kennel at 6 am & pm, restrict water after 6pm. 2-3 1.5+ mile walks/day after every meal & midday. We have been playing with her a lot. Tug is her favorite game and energy wise she has gotten progressively more energetic every day as she’s gotten more comfortable.

During the day she has no issues as I take her out every hour, if she’s sleeping maybe 2. I give verbal praise every time she potties outside. Just ask if you need any more info.

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