Puppy peeing in my bed????

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My 4 month old puppy is basically fully potty trained. He goes both 1 & 2 on his grass pad on our patio and not usually anywhere else. However, yesterday we closed the patio door to keep smoke from the local fires out of the house and when we pulled him up onto the bed to snuggle he peed on the bed. We were more upset with ourselves, and figured it was a one time fluke.

However, tonight I took him out to potty and he didn’t go, and then I brought him up on the bed to cuddle and play a bit and he immediately peed everywhere. I’m assuming we didn’t clean the mattress well enough or something and he now smells the pee and thinks this is an okay potty spot? What can I do to counteract this behavior ?? Of course no more being on the bed for a while, but eventually I’d like him to be able to hang on the bed and not potty here!

Any advice would be so appreciated thank you!!

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