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Hi everyone!

I adopted an 8 week old, female great pyrenees (probably mixed with something) 3 days ago. She is adorable and has been a champ with potty training and sleeping though the night. I'm fortunate enough that my boyfriend and I are both working remote right now due to the pandemic. Otherwise, I don't know how we could do it.

My biggest gripe with her right now is that she struggles to settle when we're hanging out in the living room. She's either sleeping, eating, or shrieking to go back outside. Due to this I've been doing most of my work on the porch outside with her. She's much more content to play with her chew toys out here and is quick to fall asleep.

I've been trying to do crate training inside, but honestly haven't made much progress yet. I'm mostly just trying to build a positive association by giving her pieces of food while she sits in there. She did end up falling asleep in the crate yesterday, but I had to sit in front of the open door and pet her until she passed out. Then, I very slowly closed the door and crept away to do some dishes and laundry.

Is it bad that she's spending most of her time outside? Should I work harder to get her conditioner to indoors? Any tips on how I can do this while still trying to work? Thanks!

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