Puppy only aggressive to other puppies

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Hello, just a brief follow up to my previous post.

We've taken the advice of the sub and have been bringing our pup to dog parks and playtimes and he's been doing great for over a month. We weren't able to bring him to the park until recently as the park requires the dogs to have a permit that is registered to their rabies tag.

Our pup plays perfectly fine with every dog we've come across so far–he's five months, so the youngest dogs he'll play with are usually his age since the park does not allow younger pups in the off leash area.

We've been very optimistic about his progress…until today. A family brought their very young (8-10 week puppy) to the park. This is not allowed nor recommended, but I didn't want to say anything. The puppy played fine for a while but then our dog started growling and tackling the puppy to the point where I had to separate them. We took him over to some other dogs and he played with them for a while, and then beelined straight for the puppy again and tried to tackle/get on top of him. We then left the park. This used to be his behavior when he played with younger puppies, which is why we pulled him from puppy playtimes and amped up the socialization.

I'm a little taken aback–our dog will play fine with smaller breed dogs who are older, we've seen zero aggression since we stepped into the dog park until today. Is this normal? Should we be concerned? We were so shocked and embarassed today that we're unwilling to return to the park since it seems like he only singles out young puppies, but then I am also very frustrated that we have to remove our dog from a public area when the other puppy has no business being there. Again, I understand that this is a public area and I agree that my dog was in the wrong, but we do want to try and curb this behavior early.

Are there any tips on how to handle this in terms of training? I thought we were over the hump of bullying, but it seems like he still has it out for younger dogs and I'm obviously worried and want to nip this in the bud ASAP.

Thank you!

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