Puppy not very enthusiastic about treats

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Hi everyone, We just got our labradoodle puppy about a week ago. He’s now 9 weeks, and is settling in nicely at home. He’s already quite comfortable with his crate, and doesn’t complain when we put him down for the night.

My question is about high currency treats. I’ve been playing and training with him everyday, and as we all know, food is one of the best currencies for training. For the most part, he does show interest in the treats that I give him, but he’s not CRAZY about them. Sometimes he just shows no interest at all in the treats. I’ve tried boiled chicken, manufactured liver training treats (which I break in to even smaller pieces), cheddar cheese, and his kibble. He seems to stay interested in his kibble, but I don’t really consider it HIGH currency because he doesn’t go CRAZY over kibble.

Basically I’m trying to find that one or couple of treats that he’ll lose his mind over so that I can give him a special reward for doing things like going in his crate when I ask. I already give him a bully stick or other flavoured chewing treat when he goes in the crate, but I want him to go crazy for those rewards rather than just mild interest.

I’ve heard kongs and peanut butter are good. I want to try, but is it ok to give him peanut butter with all the extra sugar and salt added, or should I give him natural peanut butter. Just like a kid, I’m concerned about him developing a taste for sugar.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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