Puppy not responding to yelping or walking away

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So my 15wo puppy doesn't respond well to yelping at all, it sometimes works when he's tired and he's just affectionately mouthing, but when his energy levels are anything above tired he doesn't usually respond well to yelping, he just chomps harder due to excitement.

So we try walking away, but I don't think he responds to walking away either. When he nips too hard and we walk away, I often just see him diving straight into a pile newspapers or another toy immediately. I don't think I've seen him ponder 'oh that might have been too hard' or 'why did he leave?' as a puppy would in a playgroup or a litter. He just finds himself another distraction soon as I walk away without a look of worry.

We're still trying both methods on top of redirection, but it's a bit odd isn't it?

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