Puppy not eating kibble update

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So, I had posted before that my puppy wasn't eating kibble. I had swtcher her from Purina One Smart Blend to Taste of The Wild Puppy Formula. I tried many different things (including what was suggested to me) to get her to eat TOTW but nothing worked permanently. For some context, when I got my puppy at 8 weeks, I bought her Purina One, Once the 30lb bag was done, I switched her to TOTW. After a while, she ate less and less TOTW. She was barely eating. So as an "experiment" I decided to buy Purina One once more. She freaking ate her bowl, no questions asked. It seems she doesn't like TOTW or prefers Purina One over TOTW. I don't know how I feel about this. I have heard some bad things about Purina. Some downright horror stories even. What do you guys think about feeding Purina to your pets? Is it safe?

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