Puppy No Longer Whining In Crate

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It happened, ladies, gents, and those who identify as other! She no longer whines or barks when I leave her and just either sleeps or plays happily! This is just a reminder for all those who are currently struggling with babies who are having a hard time being away from you that it gets better! My pup is currently 14 weeks, and I started crate training her at 8 weeks as soon as I got her. A couple of things that I think have really helped me:

Establishing a routine. I know that this is one of the first things they tell you, but I severely underestimated how useful this would be. Karen's Relaxation Protocol. Karen's Relaxation Protocol basically just reinforces a calm behavior and assures your pup that you always come back. I've trained my baby with this and it's helped me get her to calm down when needed and now she will always go to her crate and lie down before I close the door. Ignoring. If I know that I've fed her, tired her out, her bladder is empty and she's had some water, I just straight up ignore her. She quickly learned that I'm the person who controls when the door opens, not her. A nanny cam inside the crate. I have one, and it lets me communicate with her when she's whining so I can tell her to shush if she's being too loud (we live in an apartment complex) without physically being there. This one is $35 and is amazing! Bully sticks – they smells disgusting and are made of disgusting things, but she loves em and it keeps her occupied for a long period of time. Also helps with teething! Time and consistency. Just keep doing it, be consistent, and it gets better little by little.

Hang in there, pup parents! It does get so much better.

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