Puppy milestones

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Okay so my collie puppy is 14 weeks old. I have been gone since Sunday at a conference and my parents have been graciously watching him for me. He has been pretty good at night time crating since i got him at 10 weeks and decent at daytime crating. I alway kind of dreaded showering because I cant watch him fully, but tonight (right before bed) i put my pup in my room (which has a connecting bathroom) and i proceed to take a shower. I come out, cringing thinking about the mess he probably had made. I look in the room and he is just laying in his crate ready to go to sleep. It was literally such a proud moment. I think those little things make it all so worth it. Side note: we’ll see how day crating goes while im at work. My parents had him in an x-pen at their house (which he is use to only when he is there due to their other dogs). So he hasn’t been day crated in a week 😖. Potty training is better, but he will go outside (pee a lot) then sometimes come in and 20 min later and pee with no warning. But he is 14 weeks and any improvement is good for me. He drives me up a wall a lot but is honestly so worth it.

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