Puppy meeting un-vaccinated dogs.

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I'm getting a beautiful German Shepherd puppy in a few days as soon as it's eight weeks old. I know it's very important to introduce a lot of dogs to my new puppy. My puppy will be up to date on his vaccinations and shots. The main source of socialization I have for my puppy is my girlfriend's dogs. She has three. Her dogs are not up to date on their vaccinations and we are unsure if they have ever had any vaccinations at all. The three dogs all seem happy and healthy but I am cautions as to letting them play with my puppy. Should I let these dogs meet my puppy? Would it be safe after a certain age for my dog to meet these dogs? My grandmother has a dog who is up to date on her vaccinations. Is this dog sufficient for my dog to be adequately socialized? What about socialization or training classes at this age?

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