Puppy Meet ups in Boston

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Listen, I know this may sound selfish, but these are hard times. I am currently unemployed, really don't know when or what I'm gonna do since all my skills are in a kitchen. I live in the Boston area with my 10-week old Saint Dane, Ripley. She's pretty sweet, still a little shy, and I kinda feel bad she's stuck with me everyday. Now I realize how important socializing is in these early stages, and I definitely don't want to mess that up for her. So I'm asking anybody who's in the Boston area, does anyone know a good place for puppy meets? I would take her to kindergarten, it would probably be best. However, with unemployment the way it is, I'm on a VERY tight budget, and I'm afraid it's a luxury I can't afford right now, I have no guarantee on my future income.

I'm just taking suggestions, not looking for judgement, I just know she gets a little bored of me sometimes. And her being a very large breed, I don't want her growing up either being afraid of other dogs, or overly excited by them. I've been told to limit her to family and friends right now, which is fine, but also out here taking notes.

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