Puppy makes quarantine feel less scary

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My boyfriend and I decided to hunker down for social distancing with my parents, as their place is much bigger and more well equipped for a 3 week purgatory. I was afraid to drag my puppy away from our apartment as she was just starting to get into the rhythm of things, but she has been such a piece of happiness in an otherwise shitty time. Sure, she had a few hiccups, including a poop on my carpet, but she’s been so snuggly and playful and obedient otherwise! Even going potty on the pad on her own accord. I’m so happy to have my little buddy keeping me company through these frightening times…As I’m writing this, she’s curled up next to my head, sleeping on my pillow with me. So guys, even when it feels like the world is ending, cherish the extra time we get to devote to our pups while we stay inside.

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