Puppy loves playing in her crate at night.

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I took my 8 week old Samoyed puppy home yesterday and she actually did pretty well. We played with her outside a lot and she loved it, and anytime she went potty outside, I showered her with praise and gave her treats. She only had two accidents inside, but one was because something startled her and she peed (neither of the accidents was in her crate).

I got pretty lucky because the breeder I got her from kept her crated and she loves her crate but she won't sleep outside it. She spent a lot of time last night playing and "digging" inside it which kept me awake. Occasionally she would whine, but soothing her did the trick and I put a sleep sheep on top of the crate with the heartbeat sound and that calmed her down into sleeping for a few hours. I was actually surprised by how much awake time she had. We picked her up around 2 in the afternoon and she didn't settle down to sleep until about 7.

Before I left for work this morning after taking her to go potty and then giving her breakfast, I went to take her out again so she could pee before I left, but she didn't want to go out of her crate. There's someone at my house that will take her out when she needs to go.

What I'm wondering is if I should move her crate outside of my room so the sound of her playing/moving around inside it doesn't keep me up all night, and I wanted to see if anyone else had any advice on what to do. She's definitely still getting used to us and to the house so I know it's going to take time to build up trust with her and for her to really feel safe around us, but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice. I think I'm going to run her around a lot before bed to wear her down a bit.

I'll post puppy tax when I get home later today.

PS Sorry if this is a bit messy and disorganized, I got very little sleep over the weekend.

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