Puppy listens to husband but not me

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My 13 week old small male mix puppy listens to my husband about not chewing certain things and he very seldom nips at him anymore after a stern "no" and redirection to a toy. I seem to be fair game for nibbles and ankle nips, even though I do the same thing as my husband and if he doesn't stop I ignore him which seems to be improving it slightly, but half the time he just blows me off. Am I not being assertive enough so my pup thinks I'm a pushover or something? I don't want to holler at him, and I'm the one doing the majority of the training. This guy is a mouthing machine, he basically needs something in his mouth at all times, and he has a sea of toys and chews we try to redirect him to but yet the couch and speakers seem much more appealing… Any advice would be much appreciated!

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