Puppy leash aggression?

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My husband and I have an awesome female, six-month old Lagotto Romagnolo puppy who has been with us for three months. By and large she’s a great puppy. She’s super sweet and smart, high energy and LOVES other dogs. However, in the past couple of weeks when out on walks she’s started barking and lunging at some dogs. I’ve noticed it especially (but not exclusively) towards small dogs. My first instinct was that she was just getting overly excited and wanting to say hello, particularly given that this started a couple of weeks ago when she had a cough and we were purposefully keeping her away from other pups. Now I’m wondering if it’s leash aggression? She seems completely fine when off leash; we took great pains to socialize her really well and she goes to daycare every day.

Any advice on what this is or how to work through this? It’s become stressful taking her out when we know other dogs will be around, which is a shame because we love taking her out and about with us wherever we can.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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