Puppy laid in tree sap and won’t let me clean off his leg

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My 6 month old GSD laid in tree sap and the lower portion of his front leg and paw is matted with sap. I searched on here and all I have in the house is vegetable oil so poured a little dish of it to try to dissolve the sap but he won't let me touch it. I even got him a licky mat of peanut butter to distract him but he growled at me when I tried to touch his leg.

I think he may have been chewing on the sap prior to me noticing it and now it's sensitive. Could he have swallowed some? Will it hurt him? I've googled and the answers are conflicting.

He's been whining for several hours and I don't know what to do. He seems okay, hasn't gotten sick, isn't acting strange – just whiny. But any time I try to get near his paw he yanks it away. He doesn't seem to understand that I'm trying to help! What should I do? Should I be concerned if he ingested some sap?

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