Puppy lack of affection

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We have an adorable 16 week Brittany spaniel. He is very sweet and gentle. We’ve had him for under 3 weeks. When does a dog’s sense of love/loyalty for the owner kick in? He’s very biddable when it comes to food and treats. He inconsistently responds to his name being called but when it comes with a treat it is 100% obedience. When I want to get his attention to hang out near me while I do some work he comes over and sniffs around and then returns to his crate. He doesn’t seem to have an eager tail wagging look when I approach his crate after an extended absence. His ability to obey commands such as sit and down is only reliable when treats are involved. At what point does a dog’s psychology change to the point that they show the undying affection that they are famous for? I feel like what we have currently is a very cute but indifferent, food motivated schmuck.

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