Puppy keeps whining and biting lately

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My puppy Rocky is about 5 months now and he's been whining and biting a lot more lately. I believe the biting is probably just because he's teething, but I'm not totally sure. We'll be playing and he keeps trying to bite my arm or face. When he bites my hand though, he doesn't go all the way (I read because it's the puppy's way of learning what's ok to bite and what's not), but he still bites my clothes and what not. As for whining, I'll play with him or take him on a long walk, and he'll still be whining when I leave him alone. Or if I'm in the kitchen doing some work he'll continue to whine. Is all this just part of the puppy days?

Puppy tax: https://i.imgur.com/6r3dJe3r.jpg His Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rockyythepuppyy/

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