Puppy just started growling with treats-advice please!

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Short backstory—12wk old GSD puppy we’ve had for about a week. Crate training well, and taking him out on frequent walks and exercising. He is very eager and friendly when meeting new people and is very sweet at home

So, this is a bit of a pro active post, as I want to nip this in the butt if it actually is a problem. Just bought him bones with a little roasted meet on the outside (not raw hide!) and went give him one tonight to see if he liked it—well he loved it! After a few minutes I went to take it away because it was time to go out and go for our evening walk before it got to late. So I reached down and tried to grab the bone and he gave me this little growl and walked away from me. No beating teeth or trying to bite, just the little growl. So for next few minutes I just went in, grabbed the bone, praised when he released it, then would ask him to sit or down before giving it back. Did this several times, but every time he would give me that little growl. Again never showed teeth or tried to bite.

My questions: Is this normal for a puppy? Like should I be worried and try to nip it in the butt now so it doesn’t become an actual problem later? Or does it just go away on its own? If it is a problem that I should train out or him, how is the best way to do so other than praising when he releases.


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