Puppy jumps up at strangers, but not us.

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Me and my boyfriend have a 12 week old fox red Labrador, and we have been really lucky with how well behaved she is. She can already sit, stay, lie down, excellent recall, doesn't jump on the sofas, 99% toilet trained etc.

She would never dare to jump up at me and my boyfriend (when we have her food bowl sometimes she jumps on the spot with excitement). However, she always always jumps up at my in-laws, strangers and house guests to say hello to them. She normally gets a positive response from whoever she's jumping up on because she is a tiny gorgeous puppy. I'm very aware that she is rapidly increasing in size and this is going to stop being cute very soon.

How do I stop her jumping up at other people? Do I need to start asking strangers to ignore her if she jumps up on them? Is this bad for socialising her? Am I going to sound like a jerk for telling people to ignore my dog?

Will she grow out of this when she can see people a little bit better?

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