Puppy is ruining my life and my partner’s career

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We picked up our Lurcher pup a week ago, she was 8 weeks old and the cutest little thing. We'd done all the research, prepped her crate, food, toys, a schedule everything was planned.

The first couple nights went well: a few squeals, mouthing and of course accidents, but that's all normal, right? Then the next day, after she'd had a little of her worming tablet (not all of it) she starts passing worms. A lot of worms. Turns out the breeder missed a treatment and she'd had roundworm for a few weeks.

Across the last 10 days things have been spiralling. The worms treatment gave her colitis, so we've been dealing with diarrhoea, constant pee and an incredibly agitated puppy that we can't control as we can't give treats because she's on a special diet. It means she's been getting into incredibly bad feedback loops: she gets worked up because of her belly, we try to handle it – take her outside, calm her with petting, toys etc – but all the while she gets more and more aggy, more bitey and more restless. Then eventually she'll have gotten everything she needs to out of her system (after 40-60 mins of lots of wee, poop and anger), tear at a blanket or cardboard, then zonk out for a couple hours. When she wakes – bam – the whole process repeats.

We're exhausted.

We saw our vet again yesterday who's offered a new diet and treatment which I'm praying, praying works. But this morning my girlfriend said 'I can't do this' and is talking about going to stay with her parents, which honestly I think might be the best thing for her – even though we're both working remotely, she's struggling to focus and keep on top. I have a little more flexibility in my work, but can't say I'm performing my best.

We feel like we've made the biggest mistake of our lives but are trapped against it. We know it's not pup's fault, but christ it's hard. We didn't think we were those people who didn't know what they were signing up for with a puppy. But now I just feel so stupid and failed.

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