Puppy is obsessed with guinea pigs – help

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My 7mo spaniel puppy is completely obsessed with my sister's guinea pigs and won't leave them alone and I'd love some advice because it's beyond tiring at this point.

It started off when she'd sit there for an hour just staring at them but now she constantly wants to be in the room with them, whines outside the door, watches my sister constantly to see when she's going in her room to try and push past her and has learned how to open doors by the handle just to get in that bedroom. She also stopped eating breakfast at one point when my sister wasn't in the room due to wanting to wait outside her bedroom. She also has started waking up at 5am again just to wait outside her bedroom.

I'd never trust her alone with the guinea pigs because she stalks into the room and then sits as quietly as possible waiting for the poor guinea pigs and then begins pawing and jumping at cage. She has to be lifted out the room because she doesn't listen at all if she manages to get in. It's just concerning because she constantly tries the handle and we've had to put a doorstop under the door until we can get a lock for her room. I feel awful for the poor guinea pigs because they're skittish even without my puppy's constant attention and she's completely fixated on them right now. And it's really getting on my sister's nerves having to constantly move her away from the door when she wants to be in and out.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you

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