Puppy is being very picky about where he wants to go potty.

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We have a puppy (Bordoodle, 13 weeks old) who we got three days ago. The breeder said that they had started potty training, but he still had occasional accidents. They lived on a farm with lots of outdoor space, and at night, the puppies slept in a room with some pee pads. We live in a second floor condo, with a nice grassy area right at the foot of the stairs where we figured he'd go potty. First day, we took him out to the grass once every hour or so, but he just sat there staring at us like he wasn't sure what to do. After one of these times of not peeing, he comes inside, and after about a minute, goes and pees in one of the spare rooms. We didn't see him do it, and when we found it, we didn't punish him or yell at him because we read that that could cause them to not want to pee around us, which is the last thing we want since we live in a place where he has to be supervised to go potty. We just quickly cleaned the area thoroughly, and kept taking him down to the grass every hour or two. That night was his first night sleeping in a crate, and he did okay. He woke up whining once, so we took him down to the grass, but he still didn't do anything. We woke up the next morning, and took him down again, still nothing, and almost immediately after we get back inside, he goes and squats in the corner of the living room and starts peeing. This time, I'm standing right next to him, so I quickly pick him up and take him back down to the grass, but apparently he's already done, so he does nothing.

Later that morning, I decide that I'm just going to take him for a walk, and stay outside until I can catch him peeing in grass, and give him all kinds of positive reinforcement for it. So next our complex, there's a small grassy field/park that's kind of dug down into the ground (we call it "the bowl" because it's shaped like a bowl, they're pretty common around here because they're great for sledding in the winter, and have the added benefit that it's harder for kids to kick balls into the road). We go down into the bowl to throw a ball around, and he ends up going potty there, so I give him lots of "good boys" and belly rubs.

… fast forward two days later, now he'll only go potty in the bowl. We can stand in the grass in front of our condo for ten minutes and he'll do nothing, but then we'll walk over to the bowl, and he'll go potty immediately. We think part of it might be because the cars driving past make him nervous, but down in the bowl all the sounds are muffled and maybe it feels safer. This isn't a huge deal, because the bowl is pretty close, just on the other side of the building next to ours (about a 1 minute walk), but it is kind of a pain, and we really don't want to have to walk over there in the middle of the night.

Part of me wants to just stop taking him to the bowl and make the grass out front his only regular option, but I'm worried that if we do that, he's just going to keep holding it in until he has no choice but to go potty inside. By walking him over to the bowl, he goes potty regularly, and he hasn't had any indoor accidents since we started taking him there.

Are there any tricks we could use to teach him that the grass out front is a perfectly acceptable place to go potty? Maybe save some of his poop and put it there? Is the answer to just stand there until he goes, as long as it takes?

TL;DR, puppy only feels comfortable going potty in a place that's about a 1 minute walk from our door. How do we convince him to go potty on the grass just outside?

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