Puppy is a tripping hazard for me on walks. Need tips.

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My 5 month old puppy does pretty well on walks around the block, no pulling, will continue walking on command even while sniffing and snapping out of being distracted on command. The only things I can't seem to teach her is to stay on my left side and not to tangle me up and to not stop in front of me on walks.

Sometimes she will zig zag in front of me and stop all of a sudden to sniff and I almost either step on her on accident or trip over her if I wasn't being careful. Even when I give her less slack on the leash to keep her from going in front of me like that, she walks at an angle into my leg to where if I don't angle my path I would end up accidentally kicking her.

Another thing she will do is fall behind and loop back over to my right side and go back to my left side and tie my legs like I'm an imperial walker. I either have to stop and step out of the loop she creates or untangle my legs or keep switching leash hand depending on how many loops she wants to do.

She does not eat treats outside for whatever reason. have not tried hot dog yet, will definitely be picking them up soon to try but I do need some tips on how to train her to 1. Stay on only one side of me and walk straight instead of angled into my path, 2. Not suddenly stop in front of me, and 3. Not tangle my legs to get back to the side I prefer she walks on.

I've tried occasionally giving her a treat when she continues walking on my left but she only drops them on the ground to continue walking. I've tried slowly pushing her with my leg whenever she get in the way in front of my leg hoping she will understand that stopping there is in the way of my legs. She understands that when she tangles my legs, the walk stops even if she wants to keep going but she still constantly tangles me

Any help would be appreciated. I've tried using the search function but I can't seem to find similar threads, if anyone is a better searcher than I am I would be grateful if you can link me to similar threads. Google also sucks with the unrelated results it gives me.

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